About Us

Montfort School is committed to quality and value based education. It aims for the highest standard of academic excellence; it is a child centric school which ensures all round development of the learner. Montfort School promotes education which enables the students to cope with rapidly changing world around them by imbibing knowledge, moral values, confidence and scientific outlook (IQ, EQ &SQ). We endeavour to bring out the hidden potentials of the students by providing them with meaningful and useful learning experiences. These experiences inculcate important values and competencies in them.

We provide each student with a wholesome learning environment and systematic academic coaching. Our aim is to enable the new generation to acquire knowledge and apply them to solve their problems and the problems of the society. Our students never become mere students who mug up conventional theoretical and practical lessons, but socially responsible human beings who can steer new thoughts and new avenues for a better world. Montfort School shape good citizens through structural curriculum and inclusive preparatory programmes including advanced personality development plans.

Excellence in education is an inborn element of Montfort. We strongly believe in constant monitoring and upgrading the education system. A team of expert provides orientation classes for teachers to bring holistic learning environment in the school campus and outside. We strive to protect the environment by inculcating in the student that earth - is our home.

"To provide holistic and integrated knowledge, inspire and empower to be supportive and integrated persons for others"

"To uphold the Human Values and create an atmosphere of excellence through innovative and integrated education"

The aim of Montfort School is to prepare the student for his/her life. He/She as an individual and as a member of society must be helped to develop good qualities as well as the necessary skills and attitudes which enable a person to cope with life and to be a concerned and contributing member of the society and of the Nation. A system of education to this end is focused in the following areas:-

a) Person oriented
b) Social or other-related
c) Professional or work-oriented
d) National or citizen-related
e) Protection and Promote environmental conservation
These areas receive their validity from the fundamental principles underlying the constitution of India.

A- Person-Oriented:
It implies
1) The development of habits pertaining cleanliness of one's own and surroundings, at home, in school and elsewhere.
2) The development of habits like self and independent study, so as to become an independent learner, who is self-reliant, optimistic and resourceful. B- Social or other-related:

The student develops
1) An attitude of care and concern sharing with others; especially needy and deserving.
2) A healthy and warm relationship with others beyond his/her kith and kin breaking the narrow walls of prejudice based on religion, language, etc. 3) Respects members of the opposite sex and accepts them as equals.

C- Professional or Work-Oriented:
1) The student sees and accepts the work whether intellectual or not as a means of personal development and growth.
2) He/She willingly shares in the chores at home and the service-oriented programmes in the school or elsewhere.

D- National or Citizen-related:
1) The student respects the rights and privileges of other citizens carefully avoiding any sort of explanation.
2) Observes the rules of the road and learns to be a law abiding citizen.

E- Protection and Promote environmental conservation:
1) Protect the environment by planting more trees, avoiding plastics and create a clean and green milieu.