 Group work Activities are designed to help students learn, not simply to occupy their time.
Project work :

Project Work :Through project work students not only learn new concepts and content they develop the competencies essential for future learning.

Sports & Games :

Sports & Games: It is an important part of a student’s life. These games foster team spirit among the participants, make them discipline and promote mental and physical growth.

Thematic weekly Assemblies :

Thematic weekly Assemblies are conducted to draw out students innate talents and to overcome the stage fear and build up confidence.

Moral Value :

Moral Value classes are taken to serve society well, to become socially wholesome human being. Students inculcate the habits of hard work, respect for others, co-operation, compassion and forgiveness

Public speaking skills :

Public speaking skills are taught, it is the most important forms of communication. It is very important for individual success.

karate classes

 Bulletin Boards are mounted to differentiate the classroom environment. They provide a way to introduce new material or display students work.

 Regular karate classes are organized with grading system students learns martial arts and self defense.

Vocal music classes :

 Vocal music classes are taken for enjoyment and to improve the talent of the pupils

Regular Dance classes :

 Regular Dance classes are organized to develop aesthetic sense and bring out dancing talents of the students.

School Cabinet :

 School Cabinet is made to buildup leadership qualities; The Cabinet is responsible to maintain the discipline, to organize all programs and competitions.

 The cabinet plays an important link between students and management.

Extra-curricular Activites :

 Celebrations of important festivals
 Class picnics
 Field trips
Clean & green club :

 Clean & green club: This club is born with a vision to make school campus green & Eco-friendly, to create consciousness among students through various innovative methods.

Language Club :

 Language Club: This club provides opportunities to improve language through reading and writing skills and public speaking and many more innovative methods.

 Maths & Science club: This club plays an important role to motivate students to learn the subject with interest and to know the concepts, logical reasoning skills, analytical verbalization, implementation, exploration and real life situation. This club satisfies the instincts and urges and helps their overall personality development.

 Staff :The school provides highly qualified and well experienced faculty.

Computer :

Fully fledged Information and Technology computer lab.

Weekly evaluation:

 It helps teachers to discover the needs of the pupils, to know how much the child has grasped in each subject